*Camp Encourage's offices are located in Kansas City, MO, but camp sessions are held at Tall Oaks. Please send any written communication to our offices in Westport at 4025 Central, KCMO, 64111.

We appreciate your interest and encourage you to read through each detail below. After doing so and to express interest in attending our camps in 2021, be sure to complete a Camper Application (which will be released on January 2, 2021). For more information about the overall camp experience, activities, and services, click here.


We're counting down the days! 

March 20-21, 2021
Overnight Session

Arrival: Saturday, 9:30am

Departure: Sunday, 4:00pm

June 16-19, 2021
Summer Camp Session

Arrival: Tuesday, 1:00pm

Departure: Saturday, between 10:00 and 11:00, depending on assigned group

July 21-24, 2021
Summer Camp Session

Arrival: Tuesday, 1:00pm

Departure: Saturday, between 10:00 and 11:00, depending on assigned group

October 16-17, 2021
Overnight Session

Arrival: Saturday, 9:30am

Departure: Sunday, 4:00pm


We are currently serving individuals on the autism spectrum that are:

  • between the ages of 8 and 18 at the time of camp,
  • at least fairly independent with self-care skills (showering, dressing, toileting),
  • able to stay with or near the group (with accommodations and adaptations),
  • able to tolerate the outdoors and all that nature brings (bugs, warmth, etc.),
  • able to enjoy the activities on the schedule,
  • successful with a 3:2 or 2:1 child:adult ratio,
  • able to NOT have any access to electronic devices (including a phone) during the duration of the camp session (*new policy in 2019*), and
  • not presently exhibiting behavioral or functional needs that would warrant the constant support of 1:1 assistance.


Camp Encourage accepts a limited number of Peer Models to attend camp. Peer Models are individuals not on the autism spectrum, between the age of eight and eighteen. They reside in the cabins overnight with the campers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), participate in all camp activities, and are expected to serve as role models for the campers with ASD.They participate in Camp Encourage like all other campers and are NOT “Junior Counselors” or helpers.

Few camps are presently available for the population we continue to serve. When founded in 2008, Camp Encourage envisioned serving a wider population (including those that would benefit from 1:1 support). However, because other area camps exist and because we continue to have a waiting list each year for those described above, we will continue to serve this population. Our services will widen once we feel we are meeting the needs of those above.

If your child does not meet the criteria above, please contact us for references to presently existing camps.

If you are uncertain if this experience would be fitting, please contact us before submitting a Camper Application.



First to meet the needs of our immediate community, priority will be given to all campers that reside in Missouri and Kansas. All Camper Applications from these two states submitted by the below dates will be placed in a lottery pool. Should the amount of campers interested exceed the slots available, a waiting list will be started. If slots remain open, another lottery will take place with interested campers from outside states.


When preparing for the lottery, names received prior to the outlined dates will be added into the lottery pool as follows:

  • If an individual has been on a waiting list for Camp Encourage in the past and has NEVER attended, his or her name is placed in the lottery three times.
  • If it is the applicants' first time submitting interest (has never attended, has never applied), his or her name is placed in the lottery two times.
  • If the individual has attended in the past, his or her name is placed in the lottery once.

Camper Applications received prior to or on the following dates will be considered within the first pool of applicants for each camp session. Camper Applications are welcomed throughout the year. However, it is strongly encouraged to submit by the following lottery due dates:

AUGUST SESSION: Prior to July 1st

OCTOBER SESSION: Prior to September 1st

NOVEMBER SESSION: Prior to October 1st

DECEMBER SESSION: Prior to November 1st

Again, we welcome Camper Applications to be submitted prior to any camp session. At times, slots are still available post lottery due to cancellations.


Because our March, June, and July 2020 camp sessions were unable to be held, the above lottery process may not occur. Rather than holding a lottery, we will be giving priority for the remaining 2020 camp sessions to campers that were already planning to attend in March, June, and/or July. Once those families have the chance to indicate their preference, remaining slots will be available on a first come, first serve basis. The availability of scholarship support and the number of times a camper can attend a camp session in 2020 will be decided as each camp session draws near.


Camp costs includes quality planning, specialized materials and supports, meals, comfortable cabins, and tailored activities.

Overnights: $560

Summer Sessions: $1200


Through fundraising and grant writing efforts, we proudly offer scholarship support for each session.

Scholarship opportunities range from partial to full. When a Camper Application is submitted (to express interest in attending), a Scholarship Application is submitted as well.

An in-depth scoring process is completed and funding is offered to each family according to the score received. Limited full scholarships are available. The more each family can raise or fund, the further our scholarship funding will stretch thus reaching more deserving campers with ASD.

Please do not let the cost deter you from applying. We work diligently throughout the year to make this opportunity available to a variety of campers. A large number of our past campers have received partial or full scholarship support. In fact, all families that have expressed a need for financial support through the application process in past years were offered scholarship funding.