We sincerely thank you for applying to serve as a volunteer at Camp Encourage and are delighted that YOU will be joining us at our upcoming session (or sessions)! It is so appreciated and very admirable that you are giving your time and heart to the special campers at Camp Encourage! We have many eager campers preparing for camp with HUGE thanks to you!

Below you will find a detailed packet regarding volunteer orientation, directions, arrival and departure times, expectations, a list of suggested items to bring to camp, and further helpful information.



Should you know of anyone that might like to join our camp family this year, please encourage him or her to apply today!

Because we continue to expand, our fundraising and volunteer efforts continue to grow as well. Be watching for social fundraising events and other volunteer opportunities that will assist us in meeting the needs of our community and preparing for the details of Camp Encourage. Please consider joining us to support our efforts (and to meet others that you'll be working with at camp)!