Below you will find a wealth of stories from campers, families, and peer models. These stories relate the impact that Camp Encourage has on so many lives.

Encouraging Reagan

A Camp Encourage documentary by Wirken Films

This is a magnificent tale of a boy in the greater Kansas City area with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), his loving family, and a good-hearted, grassroots nonprofit that provides an overnight camp opportunity for youth with ASD.

For details about the filmmaker, Brandon Parigo, or about the wonderful talents at Wirken Films, visit

The Circle

A Camp Encourage documentary by Untold Documentary Storytellers

“The Circle” is a beautiful short film created by Brandon Parigo of Untold Documentary Storytellers that tells a touching story of a local high school student involved in Camp Encourage, a camp for youth with autism spectrum disorder in the greater Kansas City area. The young man shares his journey getting to know individuals with autism through his experiences as a Peer Model Camper at this quality overnight specialty camp.

The film made its debut on October 25th, 2014 at the World War I Museum during the Third Annual Camp Encourage Movie Benefit. Guests that evening enjoyed an eventful night as we celebrated another amazing year at camp, bid on lovely auction items, and debuted a this touching documentary about a goodhearted camper as he strives to carry out the mission of Camp Encourage year-round.

Through Their Eyes

The campers of Camp Encourage had hold of the cameras during the summer of 2015—capturing themselves following lottery acceptance, while packing, and during the week of camp. Enjoy this three-part series of clips, provided by Burlap, Inc. and shown the evening of S'Mores and Pours 2015.