Join us for this special event!

Each year, our supporters typically gather somewhere locally to socialize and connect while raising funds to support the scholarship needs of our campers with autism during the Camps For Kids Matching Campaign. Because it's not ideal to do so this year, we are bringing the party to YOU with our first ever Virtual Wine Tasting!

Grab a small group of friends (or go solo!), good cheer, and wine glasses ready for tastings; then, throw your own satellite house gathering on Wednesday, August 19th at 6:00pm!

Here's the scoop!
    • During the virtual wine tasting, a wine educator from Wagner Family Winery will lead an informative and enjoyable discussion on three different wines as you partake. Guests will gain an appreciation of wines from Wagner's Conundrum, Bonanza, and Sea Sun brands, their histories, and from aroma to finish, their distinctive features and strengths. 
    • Tasting packs will include Conundrum White Blend, Sea Sun Chardonnay, and Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon. 
    • You'll pick up your tasting pack from the Lenexa or Prairie Village Rimann Liquors locations, and then tune into the live stream on Wednesday, August 19th at 6 pm.  You'll also have an opportunity to ask your specialist about wine.
    • Any individual that would like to have access to the wine tasting event simply needs to register and make a donation HERE. The suggested donation is $15 for each guest. All donations will then be routed through the Camps For Kids matching campaign (meaning your donation will be doubled and will go toward supporting the scholarship needs of local campers with autism!)!
    • Bonus! Each guest that donates the suggested amount of $15 will be entered into a drawing to win something special from Wagner Family Winery.
    • Once your registration reaches us, we'll send details your way about where and when to pick up and pay for your bottles of wine. If ordering one* tasting pack for the evening, expect to pay roughly $55 for three highly regarded wines. A link to the live event will also be sent your way.
    • In the meantime, decide if you're up for socially distancing with another couple or small group in your home or outside on your patio or deck. If so, invite those friends and prepare to share in a special night of sampling wines. Alternately, plan for a night of solitude and peace. Either way, you'll be supporting our meaningful mission and bringing camp (and joy!) to the lives of children that really NEED it right now.

*More than one set (of three wines) can be purchased.

We're grateful to Southern Glazers Wine & Spirit, Wagner Family of Wine, and Rimann Liquors for partnering with us to make this special opportunity possible.

Further, we truly appreciate all that Camps For Kids does to support local camps such as ours. Camps For Kids is a local nonprofit organization committed to assuring that no Kansas City youngster is denied the benefits of summer camp due to disability or low income. For details about the matching campaign, visit this webpage.

Should you have any questions, please contact Bekah Zitron, Events Coordinator at 816.830.7171 or through email at